The Blue Anchor Inn

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The history of the Blue Anchor Inn dates back to the 15th century, when it was established as Monk's rest home.  When the Monasteries were dissolved,  it became a village tavern and began brewing its own 'SPINGO' ale at the rear of the premises.  Over the years, the Inn has thrived and still brews its uniquely flavoured beers today.  

A 100 years ago the Blue Anchor became so popular with local tin miners that they were paid their wages at the bar.

Helston, standing at the entrance to the Lizard Peninsula, was once a port which eventually silted up. Hence the name 'The Blue Anchor'.

The skittle alley was originally built in the 18th Century for the enjoyment of the local gentry.  It was later used as stables,  until it was refurbished in 1937. The latest restoration of the building was undertaken by the current landlords, Simon and Kim, who replaced the roof in 1995. The skittles and bowls are made of solid sycamore. The bowls are approximately 12 inches in diameter and weigh 4lbs each.


The Blue Anchor Inn, 50 Coinagehall Street, Helston, Cornwall, England, TR13 8EL
(01326) 562821